FORZA Ilaria’s most original fitness creation, is a full body exercise program based on Japanese sword training techniques.
This empowering and safe workout is designed to build a strong body and mind through a series of intense cardiovascular exercises.
Ilaria and her team will guide you and teach you the basic strikes, combine them into easy to follow exercises and then into more advanced combinations, allowing you to experience the way warriors train with a wood sword.

FORZA by Powerstrike is a unique way of strengthening the mind and the body. The exercises, the precise repetitions, the graceful and powerful flow of the moves, will leave you feeling stronger, sweatier and more focused. We face challenges everyday, FORZA will help to build your body and your spirit to face them as a winner.

Intense cardio workout that allows you to burn up to 700 calories
Strengthen your upperbody and core by controlling the movement and weight of the sword
Shape and tone your legs with the continuous footwork
Requires the use of a simple wood sword or stick

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